South Island Ski

#15 Hello Feature


Yeah, I have reached the final assignment of Blogging 101.  At last you say what took you so long?!

So what do I need to do now?  Create a regular feature…. I think that I can do this, my regular feature is my main blog My Life in NZ where I post a regular monthly update.  Ta da, happy days (I hear the theme tune from Happy Days in my head).

So what about loyalty? Isn’t that my blog followers?  I just want to say thank you to everyone who has clicked on the ‘follow’ button.  Though it is strange that I know very few of you personally, but it is great to know you want to follow me and read my tales!

What prompts regular features?  WordPress Daily Post, life events as they happen, inspired thoughts…. what a wonderful tool the blogosphere is.

I am so pleased I joined Blogging 101 and am about to switch hats, and push to the end, of my other course Writing 101 to see what new and exciting things I can learn and try out.

Happy blogging everyone!!

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