Spring in Christchurch

#14 What’s in a Brand?

Day 14 Blogging 101 | EXPAND YOUR BRAND

In my final push to compete the Blogging 101 course, I find that assignment 14 (with one more to go) says to extend my brand by using a: custom site icon, image widget or fan page.

Well I already have a gravatar (avatar) icon so guess I have already met the criteria for the assignment in the scope of this blog.

I like my title and tag line, so really this ‘brand’ assignment is not going to be very exciting.  I completely get it if it was a proper engagement / commercial tool as images and icons make a real difference in the digital world.

On reflection I guess my brand is my writing and my pictures, on both blogs. I made a conscious decision to use the them for my site because it had the look and feel I wanted..

  • A consistent look: I have already reviewed my Cubic theme, on both blogs, and have made sure that everything is in order, very happy.
  • Keep it up: Well for My Blogging U the timeframe was limited to the duration of the course.  I wanted to learn new techniques, which I have and am really pleased I joined, meeting some great fellow bloggers to help me on my journey.
  • My blog: Well, my brand is really the reason for blogging in the first place.  I started my main blog to keep in touch with family and friends whilst I explored a life on the other sie of the world. My Blogging U  was a place to share and learn collaboratively.

So, I say farewell to this assignment, and hope that I can dig deeper into the task outlined in the next one!

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