Fiji Dive

#13 New Event?


Oh decisions decisions, so many choices on the Daily Post Events, what type of blogging activity would I like to do next?

Music & writing, photography & colour, food & health, furniture & art, places & countries, themes & names, thoughts & feelings.

  • Photography – I like taking photo’s (this one was taken in Fiji in July), it would help me focus on a topic.  I’m already part of a local Focus Photography group and have completed a digital photography course this year, maybe I could use this group to share my plethora of images;
  • Poetry & Prose – I’ve enjoyed reading my fellow bloggers poetry and prose course assignments, and have started to incorporate some of the styles into my posts – I had never heard of a Haiku before (Japanese style of short poetry using cutting words) .

Times up, must make a choice, ummmm should I shouldn’t I?

I’m already posting monthly on My Life in NZ and have struggled to keep up with the 101 courses.  I enjoy blogging, but it takes up a lot of my time when I set my mind to it – I get caught into the blogosphere.  So I am going to pass on this one Blogging 101.  I’ve joined my fellow bloggers on the Café Blog group on Facebook does that count?!

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