Spring in Christchurch

#12 Only Words

Day 12 Writing 101 | PLAY THE WORD COUNT

A 50 Word Tale

One sunny Saturday morning,
An aspiring writer set to work,
To compile a string of words,
In an attempt to inspire,
Herself and fellow readers.

Did it really matter?
Whether the words formed or flattered,
Short or long, rhyme or reason,
Happy or sad,
The budding writer, she trudged on.

A Longer Read – 100 Word Story

Using Blogging University assignments as a guide, prompts from Daily Posts and ideas from other bloggers, the task began to form words into a an interesting story.

So where to end, how many words, what format should they take?  So many questions, so many options, where to begin?

So here goes, the final push to meet the finish line.  Had she finally reached her limit?  I wonder, maybe it’s time, to check the count…..voila the count is, slightly too short.

Over 50, under a 100, better get tweaking. A longer read, it is to be, has the end been reached?  [And with only a slight tweak 100 words !!]

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