Spring in Christchurch

#11 Writing and Writing

Day 11 Writing 101 | WRITING AND WRITING

#11 Blogging 101 | A WRITING PROMPT describes how I reset and refresh away from writing.  And how can I ask a blogging friend some questions to help with my writing?

The first thing that springs to mind is the Liebster Award because I like the Q&A, a great way to find out more about someone.

So who should I nominate?  Wait, let’s get to writing my questions first, and to make it more interesting I’ll start each with the letter W for writing:

1. What is your favourite colour?

2. Which famous person would you invite to dinner and why?

3. Where will you be travelling to next?

4. Which TV drama series do you enjoy watching?

5. Would you choose 4 wheels or two?

6. Was the answer to number 5, animal or mechanical?

7. What are you planning on cooking for dinner tonight?

8. Which would you prefer to do next Skydive or Scuba dive?

9. What was your favourite assignment on Blogging University so far?

10. Would you like some honey?

So here goes, I would like to nominate – hold on, I’ve decided to just ask these questions to a fellow blogger…@Vibrant, would you like to help me with my writing assignment?

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