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#10 Coffee Update

Day 10 Writing 101 | UPDATE OVER A CUP OF COFFEE

Today is Sunday 20th September, and I am writing this post from the top of Treble Cone.  (I really am, I managed to draft this the same day the assignment was sent!)

This is a fabulous ski mountain (just like the ones in France) located near Queenstown in New Zealand’s south island.  It is 11:30AM, clear blue skies, and I am sitting in the cafe 1800 metres above sea level.  Awesome views across the mountains and lakes, the snow-capped mountains are breath-taking.  The first run today was hard work on my legs, but will try again after coffee!

My coffee choice today is an Americano, a kiwi ‘long black’, double shot espresso with extra hot water, no milk or sugar.

Cheeky Kea
Cheeky Kea

There is a cheeky Kea outside – we mustn’t feed these birds as they are notorious scavengers.  They are a bit like a parrot and are found all over New Zealand.

The snow conditions today are really good as we had a dump of fresh snow Friday evening.  Sadly as it warms up the lower levels are getting slushy which is not very nice, especially as I have a dodgy knee (post ski accident in Chamonix in 20111).  Thankfully I am wearing my knee brace!

We are staying in the Haka Tours lodge in Queenstown tonight, which is a 1.5 hour drive away.  I think we will be heading into town for dinner at a local restaurant.  After a day’s skiing and long drive it will probably be burger and chips.

Here is my thought for today:

“Don’t give up, drink coffee – with a cheeky shortbread biscuit on the side!!”


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