Spring in Christchurch

#10 Blogroll

Day 10 Blogging 101 | BUILD A BETTER BLOGROLL

CONFUSED dot com.  This is where knowing how to navigate ‘WP Admin’ and all the ‘add ons’ and advanced settings work would come in handy.  I need a beginners / dummies guide to get this one right, here goes, trial and error….

  • Widget: BlogRoll – my favourite blogs, lets try the widget first – its ok but wanted to order by no. of comments/views
  • WP Admin: Links – tried don’t like – couldn’t fathom how to add new! maybe when I have more time to work this out
  • Widget: Top Rated – couldn’t fathom this either
  • Widget: Posts I Like – Yeah like this one
  • Widget: Blogs I Follow – like this too – ADDED
  • Widget: My Community – perfect – ADDED and reordered my side bar, then updated my Menu.

Think I’ll move on to Day 11.

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