Spring in Christchurch

#6 Writing Space

Day 6 Writing 101 | THE SPACE TO WRITE

Where do I write?

I prefer to write on my laptop sitting at a table.

During this course I have had to use my iPad when not at home.  I found this to be a challenging at times espcially adding links to my Commons 101, but I managed to use html code in the end!

Writing is so much easier using a keyboard.  Today I am sitting in the kitchen listending to a local radio station playing 80’s tunes.  The sun is shining, and am going to meet a friend for lunch.

Oh  dear, I will have to drag myself from my laptop and Writing 101 for a few hours!

Now to move onto the next Writing 101 assignment.  Anyone would think I have been absent from the course for a few weeks…. Yes that is true, and am determined to catch up even though the course has finished.

OOPS I forgot to add a poll, now how do I do that?  Or perhaps I should add a contact form to my blog?  I guess that is done by adding a widget.  Maybe I’ll just use Simplenote to collate my ideas for next time.  Maybe not, I like using my MS Office apps on my laptop or notes on the iPad.


3 thoughts on “#6 Writing Space

  1. I love your determination, Sam. 🙂 I totally agreed on the part on using ipad. There are so much restriction.
    As for poll, when you are in a post, there is a “Add Poll” button, right next to “Add Media” button. Click on that, then you can add a new poll. Hope this helps. 🙂 Have fun!

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