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#5 Cubic Theme

Day 5 Blogging 101 | LOVE MY THEME

I spent quite a long time scrolling through the free themes trying to find a replacement to my chosen theme ‘Cubic’.  What do I look for in a theme?  Free, clean homepage, easy navigation, follow and comment options, and a post index.  I decided to keep my chosen theme as it fits the image block homepage I like.  I wonder if the ones I have looked at are favourites of yours?

Top 3

  1. Mimbo Pro = Best so far, a bit of tweaking needed to fit with my published posts and images
  2. Oxford = Keep reading option, large images, ads, paragraphs need spaces adding, too much editing needed.
  3. Standard = No main menu, nice thumbnail image next to title, editing needed to remove content in published posts.

Q. Can you force post length to first 100 words with read more option?

Runners Up

  1. Fullframe = Text over image can get lost
  2. Forefront = Remove main image, insert at top as insert
  3. Able = Clean list, need to edit posts to remove footers etc
  4. Superhero = Remove main image, add thumbnail
  5. Syntax = Clean, need to remove images, scroll break between posts looks odd on ‘About’ page.

Not a Contender

  • EventBrite = Needs a lot of rework to fit theme
  • Comet = Clean no images, but doesn’t fit my style
  • Magazine = Need to edit menus, no images
  • Trvl = Didn’t expect to like, but it’s ok, black background, no main images
  • Flora and Forna = Banner image too twee
  • On demand = Too long to load!
  • Mlb retro = Baseball background yuk, too long to load, ads at the top
  • Traction = Not bad, black background, main image thumbnail, still long homepage
  • Hum, SemPress, Zoren, Anthem, Axon.

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