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#5 Tweets Inspire


How times have changed. I used to look at newspapers, magazines, art and TV news for inspiration, now we have ‘Twitter for Inspiration’.

I partially agree with this statement; in respect to a career. Life is something else, and a meaning I’m still fathoming.

In my case, I learnt the hard way, and soon realised you rarely walk straight into a job if you have a degree, it just means your more saleable.

I haven’t employed someone just because they have a good degree, it’s a person fit too that includes personality, team fit, values and behaviours etc. Isn’t that what education teaches you too?

I thought once I got my degree I’d be able to get a job just like that, unfortunately that was not the case. I had to work my socks off and prove myself against every other prospective employee.

Luckily for me, I was offered a job after my work placement, having proven to my employer I worked hard and was happy to start at the bottom and work my way up.

Not knowing anything after education, I disagree. However the context of the statement is unknown. Perhaps that is the point of this topic, and a major flaw of Twitter and social media!

For me, education is a framework, a grounding, a foundation. It provides the building blocks to develop and grow as a person, an individual. And how to grow up and learn to manage the difficult times. Why are children so cruel and such bullies sometimes?

Contrary to this however, I believe education shouldn’t be the all. I was recently told that I had the experience, but not the framework for a particular job I was interviewing for.

Basically, because I had not studied in a particular field and got a certificate, I didn’t get the job. How unfair I thought, I’d only worked in the specialism for over 10 years!

Anyway, I guess the employer wanted me to demonstrate I could apply the principles and processes gained by theory and study. Lesson learn’t, don’t assume, cover the basics, and explain each stage step by step.

Ramblings aside, I have made a start on using ‘Twitter as Inspiration’ for a topic of discussion.

Good, boring, unclear, spot on?

This is just my view, others are likely to interpret differently, and I look forward to finding out in other posts, or by comments to this one!

[PS. My photo is one I took diving having just passed my PADI advanced, learning to take underwater photos. You are never to old to learn!]


6 thoughts on “#5 Tweets Inspire

  1. That is a stunning picture. You dive and take picture too?

    That is something I can only imagine LOL

    This article is good πŸ™‚ { You wanted to hear ‘spot-on’ right ? πŸ˜› }

    My best wishes

    Anand πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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