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#2 Titles and Tags

Kia Ora!
Kia Ora!


Thanks to all my fellow Blogging 101 class mates for reading, liking and commenting on my Kia Ora Blogging 101 post yesterday.  Within a few hours I’ve met so many lovely people from around the globe, and have been inspired by so may different styles of blogging.  I think it may be a challenge for me to tear myself away from the computer, and not be online all day!

TIP 1: Dedicate a set period of time each day to blog, and set my stop watch!!

I’ve started coming up with some new questions about best practice, I’ll add them to the common room, but here is the first:

Q1. To copyright or not to copyright?

As a designer I was taught to always copyright my work to prevent plagiarism.  So what should I do when adding my own photographs to my blogs and other social media sites?

Should I edit my photos to include a copyright symbol and my name? Or leave them as is and hope that they travel the world, get picked up by web searches, pinned, downloaded, added to other users sites…. I don’t want to set up a professional image library, but I do want to protect what is mine.


Back to the assignment in hand:

Assignment 2: Take Control of Your Title and Tagline

  • My Blog URL – happy with my choices on both of my sites.
  • My Site Title – have been into >Settings>General>My Blogging U – am keeping as is.
  • My Gravtar – had a quick look at >Me>Profile – have added additional text to my public profile.
  • My Site Tagline – was blank HELP!!! Now to ask my class mates to help me choose…

VOTE for My Blogging U Site Tag (message me @samanthaw58 with your preferred title 1, 2 or 3, happy voting!)

  1. My Blogging U – read, learn, share and improve
  2. My Blogging U – collaborative study makes it fun! (have used this for now)
  3. My Blogging U – 26 days to improve my blog and writing skills


My Blogs

Writing Tips

Blogging U.


5 thoughts on “#2 Titles and Tags

    1. Like that too thanks for voting – if only I knew at the time how to publish a vote widget (ha ha). [My Blogging U – read, learn, share and improve] – now that I’m at the end of the course I will keep that on the list for next time, thanks Jessy 🙂

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